Two Important Letters You Need to Write Now to ACA Governing Council & the AASCB Board

Hi All,

There are two letters that I am going to ask you to write.  I’m also asking that, given the nature of these letters, we be especially polite (more so than I often am).  I know we are all angry – and often that anger is what gets officials to pay attention.  But not this time.

When you write a letter, please consider sharing it – either to our listserv or to .  Letters sent to Concerned Counselors may be reposted on the website.

For those feeling adventurous, it would be very useful if you also post your letters to ACA Open Forum and CESNET as well.

Both of these letters need to be fairly unique to have impact.  That is, we are not going to provide talking points.  Talking points help tremendously with getting a primary message across, but these need to be unique from you and from the heart.

During the Virginia regulatory comment period over *300*(!) of you wrote to express displeasure with the CACREP-Only proposed regulations.  Which was awesome, but being the busy professionals that we are, a number of the comments were exact cut and paste from the talking points.  This was especially true also for letters to Congress this past summer in support of less restrictive TRICARE regulations (and thank you – hundreds of these also came in).

So what we are asking for are well-crafted, painfully polite, fully fleshed-out, profession letters with your credentials laid out (and bonus points if on letterhead).


The first letter is to the individual members of the ACA Governing Council.  Yes, these are the folks who just passed all of those CACREP-Only policies, announced that ACA will be lobbying all 50 state Boards to go CACREP-Only in licensing, and announced that ACA will only support CACREP accreditation even after the MCAC accreditation alternative is approved by CHEA. (See )

The thing is, many of the ACA Governing Council members are surprisingly NOT up on the politics of CACREP-Only.  Others have only been fed the CACREP party line for months.  Still others may have been pressured or surprised by the recent resolution votes.  It was not long ago that the Governing Council passed resolutions in support of ALL counselors.

We are told that many on the Governing Council voted AGAINST the CACREP-Only policies.  Several others may be persuaded to reverse course.

Please write the following Governing Council members and tell them how CACREP-Only policies will hurt currently licensed counselors, why it’s a mistake to jettison counseling psychology master’s programs, how you personally are effected, and any verifiable facts about the situation in your state that they are unlikely to be aware of:

ACA GOVERNING COUNCIL:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


The American Association of State Counseling Boards (AASCB) came out recently with a wonderfully inclusive plan for licensure portability that would protect many non-CACREP counselors.  See

Furthermore, they published this plan directly after the horrible “portability” plan was announced from AMHCA, ACES, and NBCC ( ).

The president of AASCB, Karen Enegess, is under some pressure from members of their Board to adopt a harder line in favor of CACREP-Only policies.  (In other news, CACREP has spent generously in support of AASCB conference events for many years, and last year even held a large CACREP meeting  in the same hotel concurrently with the AASCB conference.)

What we need are letters thanking Karen Enegess and the AASCB Board for their license portability plan and outlining how much it will help all counselors.  This would also be a good time to insert a bit about how much CACREP-Only policies will hurt both licensed counselors and the public served by their state board members.