From time to time we receive short comments that are indicative of how counselors are feeling about licensing, CACREP, certifications, and/or their careers.  Some quotes we are allowed to attribute to the author, while other people let us quote them anonymously.

We don’t knowingly post anything inaccurate in this section, but rather let people speak their own truth as they see it.


May 7th 2014:

“I recently attained licensure in Illinois. I graduated from an excellent, established pastoral counseling program, taking all the courses that a student in a CACREP program would take, and I feel that I could be edged out of this profession before I ever get started. I do truly wonder if ACA is looking out for its membership. What is the point of having one ubercredentialing body for counseling programs? Where is the appreciation and respect for diversity that we profess is an essential part of our work with human beings?”

May 5th 2014:

With all due respect, I applaud your efforts seeking equity, parity and good old-fashioned common sense to promote unity and acceptance for all licensed, practicing counselors. Unfortunately, I don’t think you have a ‘snowball’s chance in Hades’ of being successful. My rationale for my opinion is the very same as the problem(s) you describe on your web-site. In a word, in-fighting. Too many of the professionals among us are only interested in protecting themselves, and their income viability.

 If I had it to do all over again, I would have never attended a Master’s program for Professional Counseling. Frankly, a Master’s in Social Work would have served my needs for professional credentials much better…

…I know I sound bitter, but I not. After all, I can re-activate my CPA license at anytime.