Online Staff Help Wanted

The Coalition of Concerned Counselors is looking for help with getting the word out!

We are looking for volunteers interested in the following kinds of online writing and advocacy:

1. Personal Stories:  Persons willing to submit a short personal impact statement about how CACREP accreditation policies have impacted you or a situation with which you are very familiar in an unfair way.  Examples might include being denied a license, a job, or access to an insurance panel.  You should be willing to have your name attached to the story.  Selected entries will be posted to in the blog or a personal stories section of the website, and may be further distributed in electronic newsletters and listservs.

2. Local News:  Know about something going on in your state?  Have a tip about licensing and CACREP-related events?  Please send it to us!  We need to know what is going on.  If you would like the item to appear on our website or in our newsletters, please write a short draft article for us – we have very limited writing resources so it’s more likely to get published if we don’t have to write it up.

3. Guest Blogs:  Please submit any guest blogs on the topics of licensing, national exams, CACREP, or related topics.  We are in general need of authors.

4. Distribution:  Do you have access to an electronic newsletter, Yahoo Group, listserv, or other distribution source that would welcome our news updates?  Please contact us if you would be willing to pass along periodic articles from us to your lists.

For more information, questions, or to respond – please contact: