Ohio Goes CACREP

UPDATE 5/4/14 — This blog article has significant updates and corrections posted here.

The ACAeNews is reporting that the state of Ohio will be requiring graduation from CACREP certified programs in clinical mental health, clinical rehabilitation, or clinical addiction counseling for licensure as of 2018.

The full text of the legislation is located here.

This licensing requirement is a problem for most of the reasons discussed throughout this website, including the lack of evidence for CACREP standards being superior, the expense for small graduate programs, and the loss of valuable core faculty from related professions.

If CACREP succeeds in adoption into licensing standards state-by-state, we will increasingly see an inability for about 70% of current counselors to move state-to-state.  We will become stranded on shrinking islands where we are able to practice.

Ohio’s adoption of CACREP for all licensing moving forwards gives lie to false reassurances that some counselors are telling themselves.  Many counselors yawn when they hear about an arcane graduate program standard given they graduated years ago.  Other counselors uninterested in military counseling grow bored at discussion of TRICARE certification standards.  But when state licensing starts being effected, its evident that our very ability to even practice is at risk.