KFOX TV El Paso Top Story – TRICARE CACREP-Only Rules Will Drastically Cut Military and Veteran Mental Health Services

Leah Miller

Leah Miller

Crystal Price with KFOX TV in El Paso has put together a wonderful segment exploring the impending loss of up to 70% of licensed professional counselors from the TRICARE system.  Hats off to Leah Miller for opening up her counseling center and providing a great interview and real faces to put with the impact of the cuts.

Congressman Beto O'Rourke

Congressman Beto O’Rourke

We are also thrilled that Congressman O’Rourke is interested in finding ways to amend, waiver, or delay the TRICARE rules set to take effect in January!

You can read or watch the story at the following links below:

Link to written KFOX article: tinyurl.com/nxfocmz

KFOX News Segment:

We were highly amused by the play action figure illustration of exactly how many counselors would be lost to TRICARE by the new regulations.  While we certainly would not have picked the kings and queens to represent the CACREP counselors, we do agree that at times CACREP seems to be lording it over the rest of us.

CACREP-only rules leave CACREP lording it over TRICARE client needs.

Unjustly crowned. CACREP accreditation is not more important than insuring access to care for our service members in great need.

The rest of us rabble fighting to be able to still help our clients.

The rest of us rabble fighting to help our clients.

The entire field of battle.

The entire field of battle.