Counseling Students Who Will Never Get to Help TRICARE Clients

Another piece of great reporting by Crystal Price at KFOX in El Paso, TX.  She interviews an intern/student therapist about how — after all her work — she is never going to be able to help military children on TRICARE if the new regulations stand.  Ms. Price also interviews a school official for his comments.

Transcript available at:

The CACREP Party line about current licensed counselors being able to grandfather into TRICARE if they take an exam is repeated in this story.  While that is true, its also the case that counselors must have received all of their supervision from a counselor or counselor educator (not a psychologist, a social worker, or other licensed mental health professional).  Most older counselors came up through school when supervisors from other professions were needed due to few fully trained counselors.  This renders the “grandfathering” options of TRICARE about useless for many of us.

This news segment does utilize a much more likely statistic for how many CACREP-trained counselors there actually are in this country.  Ms. Price AVOIDS using the following frankly embarrassing nugget that we are told is currently being passed around by CACREP in response to inquiries:

CACREP, which was formed in 1981, accredits the majority of post-graduate counseling programs in the country – over 650 graduate counseling programs at more than 290 institutions.  A random sample of licensed and non-licensed counselors used in the 2010 National Counseling Examination (NCE) job analysis study showed that 71% of counselors are CACREP graduates.  Of the remaining participants, 17% indicated that they graduated from a non-CACREP program and 12% reported to have earned their degree before CACREP was formed in 1981.

This quote is just so wrong in so many ways, most of them discussed here.