Congressman Beto O’Rourke: Impact “Could Not Be More Grave” of TRICARE Rules on Military Mental Health

Yet another strong article out of the El Paso Inc. newspaper.  This is starting to get interesting.

O’Rourke: Impact ‘could not be more grave’: Proposed changes to military benefits could reduce care

Representative O’Rourke is on the Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security committees, so he may be in a position to do something.

The article also mentions the part of the IOM recommendations that so frequently does not get mentioned by CACREP-only advocates — the part where IOM recommended that CACREP unaffiliated counselors be allowed to continue practicing in TRICARE in order to “maintain the continuity of care” and that TRICARE should continue supervising CACREP unaffiliated counselors “using a scheme that provides for successively greater levels of independent practice.”

This would be a very good time to start writing Congressional delegations to put greater pressure on TRICARE to amend the rules and to support Rep. Beto O’Rourke.