APC Initial Statement:

(from their website)

The Alliance for Professional Counselors (APC) is a new membership organization within the counseling profession that is aimed at promoting the inclusion of all qualified counselors in regulations and policies enacted by state, federal, and private insurance/employment agencies and bodies. We are dedicated to promoting excellence in standards of practice, and regulatory policies that are informed by the best available evidence.

The APC has been founded by individuals and groups who have long advocated for inclusion of ALL counselors within our professional organizations, and at state and federal levels. We are a true alliance of counseling professionals and academics. We value the diversity of graduate programs across academic disciplines which have historically contributed to the profession and the training of highly competent Professional Counselors.

The APC is passionately committed to defending and promoting the right of all qualified counselors to obtain certification and licensure, and to practice in the counseling specialty areas in which they have been trained. We promote a vision of unity in the counseling profession, and seek to advance professional identity by the articulation of standards based upon evidence, and the removal of false and unjust distinctions that divide us.