Alliance for Professional Counselors Launches!

(For more information – please see the new APC section of the Concerned Counselors website at )



We are very happy to finally be able to report that the Alliance for Professional Counselors (APC) went public this past Friday 10/16/15 at the Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors of Maryland (LCPCM) fall conference!

APC is a membership organization that aims to include all qualified counselors at all important career checkpoints including program accreditation, state licensing, license portability across states, and govt. and insurance paneling. The first (and very tall) order of business is mounting a response to the relentless CACREP-only onslaught underway in our professional associations, and at the Federal and state levels.

The Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors of Maryland (LCPCM) are proud to be the first organizational affiliate of APC. At our packed business meeting on Friday (estimated 200-300+ people?) the membership voted unanimously to endorse the LCPCM organization affiliating with APC.

The Alliance for Professional Counselors website is currently very sparse — just a few paragraphs and a membership form. In the near future the website will be expanded to include a lot more necessary information and to address what members can do to help with efforts. APC felt that it was important to launch in time for the LCPCM fall conference, and so the website currently online is bare bones. I have attached at the bottom of this email the initial statement from the website.

You can view the APC website at:

More information is online at the Concerned Counselors website. You will find a very brief history of why APC became necessary, as well as some draft goal thoughts for the organization and what it can do for non-CACREP counselors. Please take a look at this unofficial information at:

APC is asking new members to join at a nominal yearly cost which will help with putting together an operating budget. You may also contribute additional funds to the political action committee (PAC). The membership form is available for download from their website.