ACA Deletes Its Own Thread and Latest News Post on North Carolina CACREP-Only Bill

ACA had posted a discussion thread yesterday entitled “ACA Affirms Commitment to Nondiscrimination, Expresses Disappointment in the NC Legislature’s Decision to Coopt Counselor Licensing Bill”.

In it they expressed some confusingly-worded sentiment about the grandfathering for non-CACREP counselors not being enough, and disappointment with the discriminatory add-ons tacked to the bill by the NC legislature which had nothing to do with the original bill.

Apparently ACA is censoring itself now.

As of 4:35pm EST 10/08/15, not only did they remove their own discussion thread, they also killed the article in the “Latest News” section of their website. (Perhaps the Open Forum thread will be reposted later… this has happened before.)

It used to be at this link and was removed:
Makes us wonder at what was objectionable:
1. The sentence in which they wished for better grandfathering for non-CACREP counselors?
2. They decided that they were not committed to non-discrimination after all? (honestly we don’t really think this)
3. They just don’t want to talk about it until after the governor signs it? (our best bet for the sudden removal)

We are attaching what we can retrieve of it below.

The bill on the governor’s desk can be seen here:

This would be a good time to write the governor and ask him not to sign this legislation:
North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory
116 W. Jones St.
Raleigh, NC 27603-8001


Oct 7, 2015 2:55 PM
[ACA Staffer]

Last week, ACA received notification that a bill pertaining to the licensing of counselors in North Carolina, Senate Bill 279, had been scheduled for an immediate vote in the House after passing out of a joint conference committee the day before. A version of S279, a bill pertaining to “Amending Qualifications/Practice of Counseling,” has been sent to the Governor’s desk to be signed.

ACA is glad to see that CACREP standards have been legislated in the state of NC to be included in the state’s licensure requirements. However, ACA is disappointed in the lack of clear pathway for those LPCS with non-CACREP degrees. ACA is committed to supporting adequate grand-parenting for those with degrees from non-CACREP accredited programs.

Read more here.

American Counseling Association
Alexandria VA

2. Re: ACA Affirms Commitment to Nondiscrimination, Expresses Disappointment in the NC Legislature’s Decision to Coopt Counselor Licensing Bill

Oct 7, 2015 4:55 PM
James Michael Reeder

My quick read of the bill sent to the governor for signature (see below) is that it DOES have grandfathering of non-CACREP applicants through 2022. While my opinion is that grandfathering in general is inadequate, I don’t yet see what is lacking in this bill in terms of the grandfathering that is desired by ACA and CACREP. Maybe I am missing something here?

I am also not sure if the ACA is worried about adequate grandfathering for LPCs (regular counselors) or LPCS (supervisors). Clarification welcome, thanks.

To the extent that grandfathering in this bill does not meet ACA hopes, this speaks to my earlier points about it being nearly impossible to maintain the equality of non-CACREP counselors while simultaneously pushing for CACREP-Only in new licensing. Things have a way of getting out of control. (The loudest message sent is that CACREP is better.)

I’ve also expressed hope that ACA efforts to protect non-CACREP counselors will be as vigilant and well-funded as planned efforts to get CACREP-Only licensing language passed in all 50 states. Such a large campaign implies funding and coordination – which I hope will be applied to somehow convincing people that currently licensed non-CACREP counselors should be treated equally. Happily ACA has the grace to cognizant about this issue in regards to this North Carolina legislation.